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for the treatment and derotation

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Learn how equine podiatrists assess, treat, and monitor laminitis.

Laminitis is a terrifying mystery to many horse owners, in part because in the early stages a horse with tremendous damage can look and act much like a mild case. A great deal of damage can occur even when the horse appears to have a favorable response to treatment.

Ron Marshall, a fourty-eight year veteran farrier, certified with the American Farriers Association (# 4959), is teaming up with veterinarians and AFA certified farriers to provide an equine podiatry network.
"I believe there is a time for everything and there is a time when horses need shoes, especially in Therapeutic work." Ron.

We have moved into the high tech age and the
TEAM APPROACH to corrective or therapeutic shoeing.

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VenogramWith the ability to' visualize' the internal structure of the hoof, we now can take acurate measurements of the position of the internal structures. With this knowledge it is possible to reposition bone angle, measure and document sole depth, compair internal changes as the internal structures are manipulated from one x-ray to the next and from one shoeing period to the next.

Founder measurments

The measurments are the key to controlling the position of the internal structures as new hoof develops and maintaining proper alignment and position of these structures througout the rest of the horse's career.

Horse Shoeing Informational Clinics for Horse Owners

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next Clinic: MAY 20, 2009 at GEH see above. The purpose of the GEH clinic is to discuss podiatry related issues and to answer questions on horse shoeing and veterinary procedures and how the two combine to form the podiatry team.

'Ron Marshall, in my opinion, is an asset to the equine industry. Not only is he extending the lives and comfort of numerous equines ailed with hoof related diseases, more

Equine Podiatry Book

At this time Founder is not cureable. Once a foundered horse, always a foundered horse. However, many foundered horses can be put into a pain free, even usable condition with proper maintenance. But founder does not have to be the end of the line. Today's horse is far too expensive to simply discard. Best Sous Vide

The trial and error techniques of founder treatment seldom have long lasting positive results. Working thru x-ray, seeing how the internal hoof structures are affected, and shoeing to support the hoof in a healing position can result in a full life for your horse.

Advances in technology are all around us and this includes the equine industry. Along with technological advances in this industry are the advancements in education, diagnostic equipment, and the advancements in veterinarian and farrier relations. see case studies.

The Team Approach to corrective or therapeutic shoeing, combined with the latest in diagnostic equipment, takes the trial and error approach out of the industry and allows the vet and farrier team to design and apply equine orthotics that put injured or diseased horses in a correct healing environment. contrary delicate hyperspace neanderthal

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