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there's no place elseSeptember 2008
Hi guys,
Sugs had her 6 month follow up with Dr Dutton today. I have the disk with the xrays on it for you, Scott. Instructions on how to open are attached this time ;-) Dr Dutton said that Sugs can go into regular steel shoes now. No need for the special aluminum anymore. He suggested bringing the heels on the shoe more open to prevent any contraction in the heel growth. The best news is that she is in great shape. She won't need another visit to Dr. Dutton unless she develops another problem or difficulty with her front feet in the future. I am so grateful to you both for helping me salvage my nice little mare. She's never been the prettiest horse on the block, but she is and always has been the sweetest girl.
See you soon, Scott!

April, 2008
Sugs was cleared for light riding by Dr. Dutton in February 08, but I held off actually riding her until April Fools' Day. I figured that might be more fitting after being off work for 8 months. I did spend February and March leading her through our fields, keeping her walking purposefully for an increasing amount of time, and then began light work in the sand round pen. She has never had an off day, or any type of setback as of yet. Her progress in continuing to increase her time and effort working has been very smooth. She seemed really happy to be getting back to work, too. That was nice to see.

Our first ride in April 08 was totally uneventful. She was just like the horse I left off with last summer. Very willing, calm, happy to move off my leg and cruise around the pastures for 20 minutes the first ride. I have continued to ride her every other day, adding a few minutes each time as long as she keeps showing me that she is comfortable.

Another factor in her recovery is her new farrier - Scott Marshall. After the acute phase of her laminitis was over and she was well on her way to recovering, Ron Marshall worked with Sugs along with his son Scott Marshall, and turned over her shoeing work to Scott completely in March 08. This has given me tremendous confidence that there will be no mistakes made in Sugs' shoeing.

my very sound mareI remember one of my first questions of Ron Marshall when Sugs initially foundered was "who will do her farrier work after you?" I did not want to put my horse through such a difficult ordeal only to have me thumbing through the phone book for a farrier who may or may not know how to properly shoe her. Ron had a few suggestions for me at that time, and one was his son Scott. There was no question that if Sugs made it to that point in her recovery, that was who I would choose.
I am very happy with the work Scott Marshall is doing on Sugs; he took over from Ron so easily and skillfully it was like he had been working with her throughout the whole laminitis episode.

I hope there are many more positive posts to Sugs' testimonial on her recovery. She is very sound and comfortable, while out in the pasture all day long, or tucked into her stall overnight. It is amazing to me that she is also sound while I begin riding her again. Many thanks to everyone who is responsible for her recovery!

Sue Lindsay,

Feb. 2008 below.

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Foundered horse performingWed, 17 Oct 2007
Hey Ron:
Just wanted to let you know I was finally able to get my barn owners shoer to start shoe my horse, so you won't have to keep doing him. I know you have been wanting me to find someone that has a regular clientele, unlike yourself. I understand you are just doing corrective and working with the Vets. This shoer does about as good a job as you do. First one I've been satisfied with around here, besides you!! Thank you for getting us on the right track. I may need to call you to put a shoe back on if he looses one though, as this shoer lives near Bryan. Would you do that for me? This shoer is in our area every 3 weeks.happy foundered horse owner

On a very good note, I went to a United States Dressage Federation recognized show this past weekend and got a 3rd, a 2nd, two Firsts and I won Adult Amateur Reserve High Point Show Champion!!!! I was thrilled to death. We are coming back and coming back strong. My horse is doing so well. I owe a lot of that to you!!

Here are some pictures from the show. Thought you should see how handsome your client looks when he's all dooded up!! The horse that is! Ha ha.

Thanks again,
Michele Spears

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