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Equine Podiatry Book

Equine Podiatry

Written for veterinarians and farriers
by Andrea E. Floyd DVM; and Richard A. Mansmann VMD, PhD
Expert coverage for confident diagnosis and treatment !

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How to Rehabilitate
or Recondition
Your Horse

Lucinda Dyer

Strongly recommended :
Ron Marshall AFA CF #4959

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This book is a gift from a most thankful horse owner for our work on her foundered Lusitano dressage horse (see " " story). The book given to me "Back To Work" by Lucinda Dyer is a great reference on "how to rehabilitate or recondition your horse".

This will be required reading for all my therapeutic cases. I intend to include it in the therapy cost and each client will receive a copy.

Often when a horse is sent home for recovery or rehabilitation the owner has no idea what to do about diet, exercise, or even how to handle this new energy that wants to burst out into his pasture full blast This book gives case examples and the how to information needed by all of us.


The Team Approach to corrective or therapeutic shoeing, combined with the latest in diagnostic equipment, takes the trial and error approach out of the industry and allows the vet and farrier team to design and apply equine orthotics that put injured or diseased horses in a correct healing environment.

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