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Equine Podiatry

repeat repeat repeatHoof support and sole protection are a large part of equine podiatry. Product suppliers like Vettec hold product clinics to keep learning about equine orthoticsveterinarians and farriers up to date on proper use and application of their product. Certified Journeyman Farrier, Tab Pigg is Vettec's central U.S. representative. Tab understands problems we encounter in the podiatry field and works with Vettec, veterinarians, and farriers to design new uses for the equithane products.

Dr. Rick Reddin and podiatry team students working on a foal
Podiatry 101 class at The International Equine podiatry Institute in Versailles, Kentucky. Fracture repair on yearling colt.

Dr. Rick Reddin and Podiatry Team students

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Equine Podiatry Book

International Equine Podiatry Institute Versailles, Kentucky
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The Team Approach to corrective or therapeutic shoeing, combined with the latest in diagnostic equipment, takes the trial and error approach out of the industry and allows the vet and farrier team to design and apply equine orthotics that put injured or diseased horses in a correct healing environment.

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