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Working to establish a protocol

for the treatment and derotation

of foundered horses.

The Team Approach - Case Studies - Equine Podiatry, Therapeutic or Corrective Shoeing ... You Name It - we do It !!!

Learn how equine podiatrists assess, treat, and monitor laminitis.

Laminitis is a terrifying mystery to many horse owners, in part because in the early stages a horse with tremendous damage can look and act much like a mild case. A great deal of damage can occur even when the horse appears to have a favorable response to treatment.

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case study in corrective shoeing - Quimero


P3 has penetrated the sole. I applied a wooden shoe cut from a 2x6. The hoof surface of the board was scooped out so there was no contact with the bone. The back of the hoof was packed with dental impression material for support. The shoe was attached with dry wall screws. more


Corrective Shoeing - Easy


is an 8yr. old mare she came to the clinic sore footed and in a great deal of pain. X-ray revealed a sole depth of 8mm. We have gone thru several days of rain and wet pastures, leaving Easy with soles softened.
We shod Easy with aluminum shoes to increase the sole depth and filled the open area with Equithane soft sole pack to build a temporary sole.
Easy's life is much easier now. - Ron

euine podiatry - The Grey Mare

The Grey Mare

This 10yr old foundered mare had been shod with a shoe that compressed the circumflex artery. With the use of veneograms, it was determined there was a 70% to 80% reduction in circulation. The veneogram gives a great deal of information about the circulation in the hoof and a better insight into the amount of recovery that can be expected.
This horse was trimmed to correct bone angulation, then shod with rail shoes and frog support. Compression was removed from the distal portion of the hoof and pain subsided. The hooves have been repositioned and shod to create a better healing enviroment. - Ron

equine founder - the foundered ass


the foundered ass. Being assanine about shoeing, Lilly does much better with a glue on shoe. This shoe is a thermoplastic which can be heated in boiling water, shaped to the foot in a moldable form, cooled and forms tightly to the hoof. Equithane adhere is added for greater adhesion . - Ron

therapeutic Shoeing Team Work

A long Time in the Makeing

Dr. Lyle is both veterinarian and farrier as well as my mentor in equine podiatry. This field of horse shoeing, which combines both veterinary and farrier professions has been a long time in the makeing. As we all learn more about the internal structure and how we can influence the bio-mechanics of the diget, the veterinarian farrier team approach to correction is proving to be the key to success with many horses that were considered untreatable. - Ron

foundered pony - Penny's case study
Penny is the clinics shetland pony project. She foundered a couple of years ago. Traditional methods of shoeing have had little result in releiving the pain. It was determined thru the x-rays that tendon surgery would be necessary due to the amount of coffin bone rotation. The hooves were de-rotated, the tendons cut and tendon support brace designed, fabricated and applied. Penny walks much like a tin soldier but she is pain free and happy. She still remains the clinics shetland pony project. - Ron
trimming the foundered horse


Not every podiatry case is an expensive de-rotation process. Many horses have been trimmed one way all their life with no real insight or understanding of the internal structures. Many horses can get on a good maintainance program with an occassional x-ray and proper trimming to the bone alignment. - Ron


The Team Approach to corrective or therapeutic shoeing, combined with the latest in diagnostic equipment, takes the trial and error approach out of the industry and allows the vet and farrier team to design and apply equine orthotics that put injured or diseased horses in a correct healing environment.

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